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The Eclectic Six

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Six folks writing about the music that matters to them.

Welcome to eclecticsix!

Note: Please read all of the following, including the rules below, before joining. We know, it's cruel, and rules are sooooo anti-punk, but we don't want no sour grapes spoiling the bunch, ya dig? By joining, you state that you understand the rules: you might get a warning, you might not. It's all up to The Eclectics and how much you tick us off. You've also been warned that this blog may contain crude language and adult themes, so no whining.

Hello everybody, and welcome to our little corner of the world. We are The Eclectic Six – a sextet of writers with a collective passion for music of all kinds. We're not here to tell you that our taste in music is superior to yours. We're also not here to solely plug bands that are unheard of. Our mission is to provide our readers with something fresh. We do not pigeonhole our blog in to one specific genre. We do not have any set themes or formats. We choose to write about anything music-related that tickles our fancy. One day, we might write about the top ten albums to make love to. The next day, we might review a record older than our grandparents. The best thing about this is that, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

The Eclectic Six are:
iheartsarahduh - Holly writes on Mondays. Her favorite artists range from the Dirtbombs to Leonard Cohen. She's completely ignoring her high school journalism teacher's advice to stop writing, simply because that's not what Lester Bangs would do. She firmly believes that journalism is like punk rock – anyone can do it with enough determination. Her favorite Beatles record is Abbey Road.

lwoodbloo - Matt writes on Tuesdays. He is a freaked out feedback and noise addict from Brooklyn. Living in New York City has given him more than adequate access to crashing and banging. His prized musical possessions include a broken Ben Blackwell drumstick, a copy of the VU 1993 live album, both Travelling Wilburys records, and a vinyl copy of Excitable Boy.

effteedubrob - Rob writes on Wednesdays.

suzylee333 - Leah writes on Thursdays. She is a sophomore at Boise State University as an English: Writing Emphasis major. She was nursed on Motown and Van Morrison; she studied the Beatles and the Monkees while studying her multiplication tables. Now she’s muddling through young adulthood listening to everything from the Flaming Lips to Astrud Gilberto, Dylan to the Beastie Boys, etc. She wants to be Donna Summer when she grows up.

itcamefromjapan - Fern writes on Fridays. Originally from Seattle, she is currently a first-year journalism student at a large-ish university in a state with more cows than people. She spends a lot of time geeking out about things like politics, linguistics, and cheesy sci-fi, and loves punk rock and classical music in equal measure. When she was 15, Fern saw Sleater-Kinney and almost got knocked out by Carrie Brownstein's mic stand. It was one of the coolest days of her life.

jackflash37 - Jeremy writes on Saturdays. He is currently a 2nd semester high school senior at an elite NYC private school that is a bit too elite for his tastes. He thinks about many things, including politics, philosophy, Israel, and lost love, but most of all rock 'n roll, in its many forms. He is a certified Stones freak who once dressed up as Keith Richards for Halloween. His greatest asset is his kickass long, flowing blonde hair, and his greatest accomplishment is exchanging hellos with Mick Jagger this one time.

Sunday is our High Fidelity Day, where all six of us contribute a Top Five list - anything from favorite front (wo)men, to songs that should be strip club classics. If you have any ideas for topics, please contact one of us!

Now, on to the boring stuff...
1. We are not screening comments at this point in time, but we may do so in the future. Please don't ruin this for the entire class. Starting a healthy debate with the writer or other readers is fine – blatant trolling is not. We won't hesitate to lift the banhammer. Anonymous comments are allowed right now so our readers who do not have LJ accounts may leave feedback and comments. Don't ruin it for them by making us take away this privilege.

2. Not so much a rule, but just so you are aware: members do NOT have posting access. You may comment, but we're not going to let everyone and their crazy cousin post whatever they want. If you want to suggest topics for one of The Eclectics to write about, feel free to contact us.

3. Harassment towards other members will not be tolerated. There's nothing we can't stand more than a bully, and you will be banned without further notice. There is a fine line between snark and bullying, and we know the difference – we're the sultans of snark.

4. Anything that violates LiveJournal's Terms of Service will be deleted, which will most likely result in you being banned (but not in all cases). This also includes asking for or posting music files – although we all love free music, it's still illegal. And those artists worked damn hard to make the music you're listening to. Do them a favor and pick up the record yourself. YouTube videos are cool, though.

5. If you want to promote a community, contact one of us and we'll consider putting it in a spotlight or something. Comments written solely for the purpose of promoting a community or musical artist are big no-nos, so please don't do it.

Basically, we're just asking y'all to exercise some common sense here. Our community is marked for users aged 14 and up – please act like it.